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Median Cost of Wedding

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median cost of wedding

Planning a wedding can be quite expensive, with the median cost in America coming to around $12,000 and the average skyrocketing to $22,500. Don’t let these figures discourage you – there are numerous ways of cutting down on costs! In this article we’ll learn about how to interpret median and average prices while discovering tips for maintaining your allocated budget.

Understanding Median and Average Wedding Costs

A slew of components can influence the median and mean wedding costs, such as locality, number of attendees, and type of ceremony. For example, New York City’s average expense for a marriage is around $39K whereas Arkansas has an approximate price tag at $14.5K.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Weddings

Several factors can influence the cost of weddings, and understanding them can help you plan and budget accordingly. Some of the common factors that can affect the cost of weddings include:

Venue: The venue is one of the most significant expenses in a wedding. Choosing a popular and high-end venue can drive up the overall cost of the wedding.

Guest count: The more guests you invite, the higher the cost of the wedding. Each additional guest means additional costs for catering, rentals, and favors.

Vendors: Hiring professional vendors like photographers, videographers, florists, and DJs can be expensive. Couples should research and compare vendors to find those that offer affordable and quality services.

Date and time: The date and time of the wedding can also impact the cost. Peak wedding seasons and weekends tend to be more expensive than off-season and weekday weddings.

Wedding style: The type of wedding you choose can also affect the cost. A destination wedding, for example, can be more expensive than a local wedding.

Tips for Saving on Wedding Expenses

Now that you understand the factors that influence wedding costs let’s explore some tips for saving on wedding expenses.

Set a realistic budget: Start by creating a realistic budget and sticking to it. Identify your priorities and allocate your budget accordingly.

Choose a non-traditional venue: Choosing a non-traditional venue like a backyard, park, or beach can be more affordable than renting a traditional wedding venue.

Trim the guest list: Consider limiting your guest list to close family and friends. A smaller guest count means less money spent on food, drinks, and favors.

DIY some aspects: Consider doing some aspects of the wedding yourself, like the invitations, centerpieces, and favors.

Shop around for vendors: Research and compare vendors to find those that offer quality services at affordable prices.

Consider off-season and weekday weddings: Consider having your wedding during the off-season or on a weekday to save on venue and vendor costs.


Weddings are a momentous occasion for any person and, unfortunately, oftentimes come with hefty price tags. Knowing the standard wedding costs in America and how to efficiently save money on your special day can make all the difference. Utilize these tips today so that you can have your dream-like nuptials without going into debt!