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Pasadena Princess

Vendor: Wedding Venue

Immerse yourself in a land of timeless love and romance at the luxurious acreages of Pasadena Princess. Equivalent to an enchanting European estate, this fairytale property spans almost one whole acre and is nestled right here in Los Angeles. Its undeniable allure has captivated celebrities, fashion magazines and many others who have held photoshoots on these grounds – come experience it for yourself!

Envision yourself donning your stylish wedding dress and strolling along the lush grassy lawns, flawless stone pathways, and impeccably sculpted hedge maze featuring Anglican statues. As you journey further into this enchanting dreamscape, marvel at the magnificent stained glass dome pavilion tucked away in a woodsy area – perfect for captivating photos! Let us help you create unforgettable memories on your special day with our breathtaking outdoor locations for weddings, engagements, or bridal photoshoots.

Surrounding the palatial estate are magnificent European gardens, complete with a sparkling pool, enchanting pond and lavish spa. For those who love leisure sports, there is also a tennis court provided for your enjoyment! With its two-story parking structure boasting an eight-car garage and security gates guarded by a guardhouse – you have all that’s needed to make you feel like royalty at Pasadena Princess.