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Castle Lion Heart

Vendor: Wedding Venue

Welcome to the Castle! Modeled after Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, England of 1385 A.D., you’ll be amazed by its grandiose stature–reaching up to 60 feet high and spanning 7.5 acres wide with four stately corner turrets encircling a powerful square tower. To top it off, atop this grand structure is an observation deck crafted from steel for those looking for panoramic views of the property below – ideal for film-making opportunities too!

As you travel along the winding, gravel-covered path shielded by a canopy of stately sequoia trees and pass through two guard turrets, it’s easy to feel as if you have been transported into another realm. Upon reaching the second set of towers and gate – anticipation builds; this is your chance for an unparalleled experience! Step inside and be dazzled by the awe-inspiring beauty surrounding you – almost like experiencing Europe right in your own backyard.

Adorned with a gargoyle fountain, drawbridge and moat, stables (four garages) and a groundkeeper’s cottage, this castle is enveloped by thousands of feet of luscious green lawns. Plus there’s an apple orchard comprised of more than seventy trees on the west side, while over at East End lies a year-round babbling creek. The property also includes extensive grape vines and magnificent landscaping to create the perfect fairytale estate!

If you want to experience the majestic beauty of Castle LionHeart, then a visit in person is an absolute must. From its enchanting fairytale atmosphere, to soaring upon the shoulders of a mighty fortress – this is one estate your audience will never forget. With waterfalls adorning San Bernardino National Forest at the north end and wide fire roads that can accommodate production trucks and trailers, come see for yourself why Castle LionHeart stands out from all other locations!