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Jason Kaczorowski Photography

Vendor: Wedding Photographer

As an internationally acclaimed fine art photographer, I’m Jason Kaczorowski. My specialty is photographing weddings in exotic and breathtaking destinations around the world. From coast to coast – New York City down to California, as well as Mexico and Caribbean islands – you can find me clicking away with my camera. However, Chicago remains my home base after 18 years of career experience; it’s where I have planted both my studio and team firmly!

Our memories are our most cherished possessions, and I pride myself in storing them for eternity. I have mastered the art of using bold lighting to create cinematic images that speak volumes through emotion. With nearly two decades of experience capturing over 650 weddings, my skills in adapting to any environment effortlessly as well as tapping into my client’s inner personalities allow me to be a master at both modern photojournalism and timeless portraiture alike.

At eighteen, I started my career as a professional photographer by capturing an assignment for a magazine – David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails in concert! As my wife and I began hunting for our wedding photographer, it dawned on me that perhaps I would be the best fit. That thought ultimately propelled me from being an artist at Walt Disney World to one of Chicago’s most sought-after wedding photographers!

Our clients don’t just provide average reviews; that’s why we have hundreds of amazing five-star ratings. I invite you to explore the types of stunning photos I can capture for you and contact me so we can discuss further. Share your story, passion, and wedding ideas with me – allow my photography to take you back in time where all the beautiful memories from your special day will come alive again!