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Brigette Burgman Photography

Vendor: Wedding Photographer

Hello! I’m Brigette Burgman from Brigette Burgman Photography in Chicago, Illinois. As a photographer and explorer at heart, my home base is located here but I travel around the world for half of each year – with Costa Rica as one of my favorite destinations. If you’re looking to immortalize your adventurous spirit or express yourself through unique photos on your special day, then look no further than me – the perfect photographer for free-spirited lovers like you!

Services Offered

My photography style is nontraditional, genuine and true to your unique experience. I love being creative with my work, producing something that stands out from the pack – so this is precisely what I’m aiming for on your special day!

Let’s capture the passion and exuberance of your love! I won’t force you into uncomfortable poses, instead, I will guide and direct you in a way that allows both of you to relax and enjoy each other. We’ll spend time exploring beautiful landscapes and creating an unforgettable experience together – all while snapping some epic pictures along the way.

Within the depths of your souls I sense a light that ignites your relationship. Capturing and telling stories from such an indelible, passionate place is my mission for you two. What makes you so extraordinary and different – that’s what I’m here to showcase.