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Vasquez Rocks

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Are you prepared to witness something incredible? Jason reached out to me about his proposal. Not only was I ecstatic for the opportunity, but we had planned on doing it at VASQUEZ ROCKS – a place that is usually swarming with photographers yet none were present! This made it all the more special in being able to pull off this momentous occasion without any interference or competition from other shutterbugs.

For the uninitiated, VASQUEZ ROCKS is a stunning rock formation situated in Santa Clarita that has been featured as a movie set for various productions (for example: Star Trek’s infamous Kirk versus lizard man scene). These rocks appear like pieces of earth thrusting from their source at an angled tilt – making them even more picturesque and ideal for exploring. What better place to pop the question than while taking in this beautiful scenery? A Vasquez Rocks Proposal would be unforgettable!