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Portuguese Bend Reserve in Rancho Palos Verdes

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Rancho Palos Verdes and San Pedro are two stunning places, famous for their panoramic ocean views that make the perfect backdrop for sunset photography. Though Sunken City is a popular spot amongst artists and photographers alike, I would strongly advise against exploring it as it’s unsafe to do so. Fortunately, the Portuguese Bend Reserve trail offers just as incredible vistas with little effort required. What’s more – not many people know about this hidden gem yet!

Who would benefit from visiting this location?

If you and your beloved one adore the beach yet detest sand, rest assured that my cameras understand too! But if you’re longing to capture an iconic shot of Big Sur or want a Midwest feel with ocean in view, I’m here for all these reasons.

Here’s an invaluable tip:

Unfortunately, this lovely hiking trail does not have a designated parking lot; however, you can park along the street just before reaching the residential areas on either side of Crenshaw Boulevard. Proposing at this location is not recommended on weekends since it is quite popular with locals and Sunday congestion from church services makes finding parking practically impossible.

Midweek, you’ll likely have the entire hiking trail to yourself! For an astonishing panoramic view of the ocean, take a jaunt down Herman Overlook; for something slightly cozier with still breathtaking views close by – Inspiration Point, Agua Amarga Canyon and Surf View Park are all ideal choices that won’t be overwhelmingly crowded like on Sunday.