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Catalina Island

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Famous for its enchanting atmosphere and romantic vibes, Catalina Island is the perfect destination to express your love. Far away from the hustle of daily life, couples are drawn in by its natural beauty and tranquil setting – which has earned it a reputation as an ideal spot for marriage proposals! If you’re ready to take that leap with your special someone, here are fourteen top spots on Catalina Island where you can make it happen.

Here are six options where to pop the question:

  1. With its spectacular 50-mile shoreline, Catalina Island houses a large array of secret beaches that can be traveled to by foot or sea kayaking. Make your marriage proposal all the more unforgettable and romantic by visiting one of these serene locations alone with your beloved! Spend the day adventuring to an exquisite beach where you two are left in utter solitude – what could possibly make it better?
  2. Two Harbors at Catalina Island’s west end is a paradise of beauty, boasting two distinct harbors, restaurants, beaches and scenic outlooks. During the summer months take advantage of the Cyclone boat tour for an exquisite voyage along Avalon’s shoreline. There are many picnic areas available to enjoy that picturesque view!
  3. Plan the momentous proposal of a lifetime at Descanso Beach Club! Rent one of their luxurious cabanas and bask in its romantic seaside setting – ideal for that special question.
  4. At Buena Vista Point, you can experience one of the most magnificent views in all Avalon. Soar above the bustling harbor and appreciate a spectacular panorama comprised of both city streets and sweeping channels that are certain to provide you with some thoughtful contemplation. Unparalleled beauty awaits!
  5. Are you and your loved one in search of an ethereal spot? Look no further than Raggers Point, situated near Little Harbor on the windward side of Catalina Island. With spectacular views that extend as far off into the horizon as your eyes can see, alongside crashing waves below – Mother Nature has truly blessed this location with immeasurable beauty for you to take in.
  6. The Wrigley Memorial is the crown jewel of the Botanic Garden, offering breathtaking sights across Avalon Bay. Its striking red roof tiles and vibrant handmade glazed tiles create a romantic ambience for you to make your special proposal in.