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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Engaged

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Getting engaged can be an exciting whirlwind of emotions, but it also comes with its own set of questions that need contemplative answers. As someone who recently embarked on this journey herself, I will be your guide throughout this intricate process. Let’s take a moment to unravel these important queries that you must ask yourself before taking the plunge into the world of engagement.

Is This The Storybook Love You Dreamed Of?

First and foremost, you need to consider whether your relationship is the kind of love story you’ve always envisioned for yourself. Does this person make your heart flutter in a way nobody else has? Do you see yourself growing old with them, sharing all of life’s highs and lows? This is a question I found myself thinking about frequently when deciding to get engaged. Reflecting upon it helped me realize that my fiancé was indeed the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

While every relationship has its unique rhythm, it’s essential to recognize that a storybook love doesn’t necessarily mean a flawless one. It’s about finding someone who compliments you, challenges you, and loves you for who you are.

Can You See Their Flaws As Beauty Spots?

Now, let’s talk about the beauty in imperfections. As a human, your significant other will inevitably have flaws – they might be a little too stubborn, perhaps they don’t pick up after themselves, or maybe they’re just too quiet in social situations. But the question is, can you see these ‘flaws’ as beauty spots?

During my engagement journey, I realized that it’s these flaws that make my partner human, relatable, and ultimately loveable. Recognizing this was a crucial step for me before getting engaged.

Are You Ready To Say “I Do” To Their Family Too?

As they say, when you marry someone, you marry their whole family. It’s essential to think about whether you can see yourself fitting into your partner’s family dynamic. It’s not just about tolerating family gatherings but also about understanding their values and traditions and being willing to adopt them as your own, if necessary.

Having explored numerous cultures and traditions through my travels, I found this aspect of engagement particularly intriguing. My fiancé and I had numerous discussions about our family backgrounds, which proved to be insightful and brought us even closer.

Will They Be Your Forever Plus One In Life’s Dance?

Think of life as a dance, and your partner is your plus one. Can you envision them as a steady partner, someone who’ll dance with you, whether it’s a fast-paced salsa or a slow waltz? Will they be there to celebrate your triumphs and support you through your trials?

As I prepared for my engagement, I found solace in the fact that my partner was indeed my ‘forever plus one.’ His unwavering support in my writing career and our shared passion for travel sealed the deal for me!

Are You Excited To Build Legos of Love Together?

Finally, consider if you’re ready to build a life together. Are you excited about the idea of creating shared dreams, building a home, and possibly raising a family? I like to call these the ‘Legos of Love.’ They’re the building blocks of your shared future, and their creation should fill you with joy and anticipation.

Like building a Lego set, building a life together requires patience, creativity, and a touch of fun. As I prepare to embark on this journey with my fiancé, I am brimming with excitement to build our unique Legos of Love.