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What to ask a Wedding Photographer

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As a wedding expert, I have had the pleasure of working with many photographers over the years. A good photographer is essential for capturing all of your special moments and creating memories that will last a lifetime. However, not all photographers are created equal. That’s why it’s important to know what questions to ask when choosing a wedding photographer.

Here are some key things to consider:

  1. Experience – Ask about their experience shooting weddings specifically.
  2. Style – What type of style do they specialize in? Are they more traditional or photojournalistic?
  3. Portfolio – Look through their portfolio and see if their work resonates with you.
  4. Equipment – What kind of equipment do they use? Do they have backup gear in case something goes wrong?
  5. Packages and pricing – What packages do they offer? Is there flexibility in customizing packages to fit your needs? How much does it cost?
  6. Timeline and deliverables – When can you expect your photos delivered after the wedding day?
  7. Backup plan – In case something goes wrong what is their backup plan
  8. References – Ask for references so that you can hear from previous clients directly

When interviewing potential photographers, be sure to ask about these topics to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need on your big day.


A seasoned photographer has an edge over amateurs due mainly because of how often he/she works as well as experience photographing different environments such as churches or beach weddings . During an interview process one should always make sure how experienced someone is within specific conditions like outdoor lighting ,low light situations etc.


Wedding photography comes in several styles, including traditional (posed), documentary (candid) , artistic/editorial(capturing unique settings). The couple should decide which style fits best before meeting with any prospective vendors so that communication becomes easier .


Take time reviewing portfolios by asking yourself whether this particular vendor matches my aesthetics am I going find myself inspired by his/her vision?


It’s always advisable to inquire about equipments beforehand especially because every setting won’t match same camera settings i.e indoor vs outdoor shoot cameras differ.So having back up gears makes them confident even under pressing circumstances

Packages And Pricing

After looking at each candidate’s work its time now turn attention towards pricing.If services come expensive better get clarity on all aspects pertaining package given i.e hours involved , digital copies provided plus other add-ons etc.

Check if any discounts available during off season weeks/months??

Timeline And Deliverables

It’s important request timeline detailing when after delivery date pictures will arrive.Working backwards from final end date helps in planning post wedding events ensuring every individual receives copy.It’s also advisable requesting soft copies along hard ones nowadays

Backup Plan

Do enquire about contingency plans emergencies such illnesses affecting picture quality.Will another team member step-in incase primary member falls sick?
At times natural calamities occur too ruining certain photographs altogether so checking which arrangements made then ensures no disappointments later


Finally don’t forget checking past client reviews online/offline testimonials,Cross check with them verifying credentials mentioned while communicating via social media/email/text messages.Seeing others satisfied definitely increases own faith towards hiring appropriate vendor

In conclusion, remember selecting wedding photography services depends entirely upon multiple factors such budget, personal preferences thereafter deciding suitable service providers based on this list detailed above.Understandably researching properly beforehand serves for happy ending thereby cherishing photographic evidence forever!!!