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Do You Tip a Wedding Photographer and Other Vendors?

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Wedding Vendors and Gratuity

When planning your upcoming nuptials, don’t forget to account for gratuity. This extra payment is a way of expressing gratitude and admiration to all the vendors who made your day possible. It’s also an acknowledgement of their efforts in ensuring that everything runs smoothly throughout the entire wedding event!

To help you keep your wedding costs in check, this article will furnish a comprehensive look at the key vendors and their recommended gratuity rates. With these details on hand, you’ll be able to formulate an exact financial plan for your nuptials and answer “Do you tip a Wedding Photographer” .

Gratuity for Photographer and Videographer

Nothing expresses gratitude better than extending a token of appreciation to your wedding photographer and videographer after such an important event. It’s customary to thank them for their hard work with a gratuity ranging from 15-20% of the total fee, but why not go above and beyond by adding in additional bonuses? Not only will it be unforgettable for both parties involved, but it is also sure to demonstrate how much you appreciate all that they have done!

Gratuity for Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner is the one who will make sure that all details of your big day go as smoothly as you dreamt they would. They’ll find perfect venues, manage vendors and countless other tasks to bring your vision alive – with no stress on you! As a sign of appreciation for their hard work, it’s typically customary to offer them a gratuity ranging from 15% to 20% of their total fee.

Gratuity for Catering Staff

The catering team is essential for a successful wedding reception, keeping guests fed and taken care of. The customary gratuity rate to show appreciation for their hard work is between 15-20% of the total fee; however, if no service charge was included in their contract, an additional tip should be given as recognition.

Gratuity for Musicians and DJs

To show appreciation for your musicians and DJs at the wedding reception, it is customary to give them a gratuity that is between 15% to 20% of their total fee. To really express your gratitude if they have gone above and beyond in making your special day unforgettable, why not surprise them with an additional bonus? Music truly brings life to any event, so be sure you reward those who provide exceptional entertainment!

Gratuity for Hair and Makeup Artists

On your wedding day, the hair and makeup artists you select will be pivotal in helping you feel super confident and beautiful. Gratuity is an excellent way to thank them for their commitment to creating a magnificent look–a customary tip of 15-20% is expected. However, if they go over and above or spend extra time on you to make sure that everything looks perfect then don’t forget about rewarding them with an additional bonus!

Gratuity for Officiant

Your wedding officiant is integral to your special day, and it’s typical for the happy couple to give them a gratuity of $100 – $500. If they do something beyond ordinary expectations that makes your ceremony even more remarkable, you may want to thank them with an additional bonus.


Finally, when you ask “Do you tip a Wedding Photographer?” consider gratuity should be an integral part of your wedding budget. Acknowledging the effort and quality service from those who helped make your event extraordinary is a kind gesture that will most definitely be appreciated by all vendors involved in making it happen. This comprehensive list shows the recommended rate for each vendor to help you plan accordingly. Providing gratuity does not come with any obligation, but if you can afford to do so as a token of gratitude for their tireless work – don’t hesitate!