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Do you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day?

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When it comes to the special day of marriage, no detail should be overlooked. Many brides-to-be are weighing their options when deciding whether to wear an engagement ring for a wedding celebration. The answer isn’t always black and white; there’s a variety of individual tastes, cultural conventions, and practical details that come into play with this decision. We hope we can shed some light on the subject and make make the decision easier to make!

Just make sure to size your ring in time for the big day 😉

Do you wear your engagement ring when you walk down the aisle?

For brides who are considering if they should don their engagement ring when walking down the aisle, it all comes down to personal choice and aesthetics. If your engagement ring is simple yet meaningful and doesn’t clash with your wedding band, then wearing it during the ceremony can be a wonderful way of incorporating its sentiment into your special day. On the other hand, an ornate or mismatched style might warrant not wearing it at least for that part of festivities in order to keep everything cohesive and lovely.

What do brides do with engagement ring on wedding day?

On your wedding day, you hold the choice of how to manage your engagement ring – whether it’s wearing it or not. If you choose not to wear yours for the ceremony, several alternatives are available. You may give it to a family member or friend whom you trust as an appropriate person for safekeeping during the occasion. Alternatively, consider placing your engagement ring on another finger like right hand middle finger instead of keeping off completely. Ultimately though, this is a personal decision driven by preference and circumstance – make sure that whatever option chosen suits both!

Who puts ring on first in wedding?

Although it is a common practice to slide the wedding band onto one’s finger first, followed by the engagement ring as an outward representation of matrimonial devotion and marriage promise respectively; ultimately, who puts on what ring first is entirely up to personal choice and cultural norms.

Do you take your engagement ring off when you get a wedding ring?

When considering if you should wear both your engagement and wedding rings, it’s entirely a matter of what feels best for you. If so inclined to keep them on, make sure the styles match and that they are comfortable enough for long-term wearing. As this is an individual decision based off personal preference, only you can decide whether or not to don both bands at all times.

Ultimately, the decision to don an engagement ring for your wedding day is yours and yours alone. It comes down to what best fits with you and your specific situation. If ever in doubt about wearing one or selecting a perfect wedding band, never hesitate to lean on the expertise of a reliable jeweler or planner – they will be more than happy to help guide you through this momentous choice!