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Engagement Dress for Men

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Indian Engagement Attire

In India, engagements are the prelude to a magnificent wedding ceremony and as such it is essential for grooms-to-be to select their outfit with care. We understand that you wish to look your best on this special day, so we have created this comprehensive guide specifically for men in India; exploring all of the current trends in engagement attire – offering an array of choices from which you can create a unique style reflecting both your personality and taste. Make this momentous occasion truly unforgettable!

Traditional Indian Engagement Attire

1. Sherwani

A timeless classic, the Sherwani is a popular choice for grooms across India. It is a long coat-like garment, usually paired with churidar pants or dhoti. Sherwanis come in a variety of styles, including:

  • Angrakha Style: A crossover style with an asymmetrical opening, the Angrakha Sherwani features intricate embroidery and embellishments.
  • Achkans: Similar to a sherwani, but with a straight-cut design and front-buttoned closure, Achkans are perfect for those seeking a more conservative look.
  • Indo-Western Sherwani: A fusion of Indian and Western elements, this modern take on the traditional sherwani offers a unique and contemporary look.

2. Kurta Pyjama

The Kurta Pyjama is a versatile and comfortable option for grooms. It consists of a long tunic (kurta) and loose-fitting pants (pyjama).

Available in a range of fabrics, colors, and designs, the Kurta Pyjama can be customized to suit any personal style. Here are some popular Kurta Pyjama styles to consider:

  • Pathani Suit: A popular choice among grooms, the Pathani Suit features a straight-cut kurta with a collar and buttoned placket, paired with salwar-style pants.
  • Nehru Jacket and Kurta: Elevate your Kurta Pyjama ensemble by adding a Nehru Jacket, a stylish collarless jacket with a buttoned placket. This combination exudes elegance and sophistication.

Contemporary Engagement Outfits

3. Bandhgala Suit

Combining classic style with contemporary elegance, the Bandhgala Suit is a timeless Indian staple. Referred to as the Jodhpuri Suit, it features a tailored jacket and coordinating trousers for an effortlessly polished look. Here’s how you can upgrade your wardrobe by seeking out some of these stylish variations:

  • Jodhpuri Suit: Featuring a structured fit, the Jodhpuri Suit is ideal for those seeking a regal and refined look. It can be adorned with embroidery or embellishments for added flair.
  • Fusion Bandhgala: For a contemporary twist on the classic Bandhgala, consider a Fusion Bandhgala that incorporates elements of Western tailoring, such as a notched collar or a double-breasted design.

4. Tuxedo

A tuxedo is a stylish and sophisticated choice for grooms seeking a more westernized look for their engagement. Available in various colors and styles, a well-tailored tuxedo paired with a crisp shirt,

bow tie, and pocket square can make a lasting impression on your special day. Here are some popular tuxedo styles:

  • Classic Tuxedo: Timeless and elegant, the classic tuxedo features a single-breasted jacket with peaked or shawl lapels, and can be paired with a white dress shirt and black bow tie.
  • Velvet Tuxedo: For a luxurious and opulent touch, opt for a velvet tuxedo. This rich fabric adds a unique texture and depth to your ensemble.

Accessorizing Your Engagement Outfit

5. Footwear

Choosing the right footwear is essential for completing your engagement look. Some popular options include:

  • Mojari: Traditional Indian footwear, Mojari or Jutti, is a comfortable and stylish choice that pairs well with Sherwanis, Kurta Pyjamas, and Bandhgalas.
  • Oxford Shoes: For a more contemporary and western look, polished Oxford shoes complement tuxedos and suits perfectly.

6. Accessories

Accessories can enhance your engagement outfit and add a personal touch. Here are some essential accessories to consider:

  • Pocket Square: A well-chosen pocket square can elevate your look, adding a pop of color or pattern to your ensemble.
  • Cufflinks: A pair of stylish cufflinks can add a touch of refinement to your outfit, complementing your tuxedo or suit.
  • Tie or Bow Tie: Depending on your chosen outfit, a tie or bow tie can provide the perfect finishing touch.


Selecting the perfect engagement dress for men in India involves considering a range of traditional and contemporary options. From timeless Sherwanis and Kurta Pyjamas to modern Bandhgalas and Tuxedos, there is something to suit every groom’s style and

preference. By exploring different fabrics, colors, and designs, you can create a unique and memorable look for your special day. Don’t forget to complete your ensemble with the right footwear and accessories, which can elevate your outfit and make a lasting impression.

With this comprehensive guide at your disposal, you are now equipped to make an informed decision and select the perfect engagement dress that reflects your personality and style. Remember, your engagement is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so take your time and choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and proud. Happy shopping!